LA/2B Activity Kit

Our online town hall has been going on since November 2011, and to supplement this dialogue with traditional pen-and-paper outreach, we proudly present the “Great Streets, Great Neighborhoods” Activity Kit.

Each kit includes an introduction and three exercises to help you and your neighbors give input toward the development of the draft goals, objectives, policies, and programs of the Mobility Element, which will be presented later this fall for public review. While some of the questions cover materials already on the online town hall, we will be adapting those that have not been covered on the site throughout July 2012.

Neighborhood councils and organizations will be receiving a kit for their respective communities, and additional copies of the brochures and resources have been made available below. We hope to hear back from our community stakeholders by September 1, 2012.

Return completed kits to:


Jane Choi
Los Angeles Department of City Planning
200 N Spring Street, MS 395
Room 667
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Each Activity Kit Includes:

(Download entire kit in English or Spanish)

                                      I. Introductory Letter (Download)

II. Guide to LA/2B and Activity Kit

Download Guide in English or Spanish




A. Share Your Vision

What do you consider a “livable neighborhood?” What would your Los Angeles of the future look like? How should public streets be used?

 Download Part A in English or Spanish


B. Rank Your Priorities

What are the most important roles that street should play, and what are the most important priorities for you and your community?

Download Part B in English or Spanish 


C. Community Mapping

Where would you like to see upgrades in your neighborhood to make it easier to walk and improve safety for bicyclists and motorists?

Download Instructions and Maps by Neighborhood in English

Download Part C Instructions in Spanish

Printing Tips: The blue links and images should open a PDF file that can be printed directly from your web browser. You may need to use print preview and change the print settings to “shrink” or “fit to print area” to fit the whole layout on letter-sized paper.

4 Responses to LA/2B Activity Kit

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  3. Mats Johansson says:

    You should explain how to print this page. All prints came out as partial zoomed in versions until I figured out how to first make a pdf and then printing it.

  4. Mats Johansson says:

    I mean the pages that are linked hereto. This page prints OK…

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