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Goal: Informed Choices

Outreach participants frequently mentioned the lack of information as a frustrating hurdle to fully utilizing our transportation system. Angelenos want information that will help them make efficient, reliable trips, including real-time transportation information, clear signage, and instructions. Many are discouraged … Continue reading

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Goal: Smart Investments

World Class Infrastructure cannot be achieved without strategically investing in our transportation system, which includes street maintenance, operations, and capital improvements for all modes of travel.  Our outreach participants expressed that transportation funding was not being clearly distributed nor being … Continue reading

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Goal: World Class Infrastructure

Why infrastructure? 405 Scene, Photo by Luis Inzunza/Metro via The Source  Transportation infrastructure includes all physical and organizational structures necessary for the transportation system to operate, from sidewalks to Metro lines to traffic signal timing. The design and quality of … Continue reading

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Goal: Access for All Angelenos

Why access? Access is the ability to reach desired goals, services, activities, and destinations. In transportation, access can be achieved through multiple avenues. First, mobility, the actual movement of people and goods, can provide access. Better mobility can provide better … Continue reading

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