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Complete Streets Networks, Part I

Over the next few weeks, we will be presenting a series of posts about the concept of the Complete Streets Networks, an implementation step we have been exploring in addition to the Mobility Element goals and policies. These posts will … Continue reading

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Task Force Updates

On October 23rd we hosted our fourth task force meeting and shared a working draft of the Mobility Element goals, objectives, policies, and programs. We presented members with the same six goals we have been sharing on our blog for … Continue reading

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Goal: Clean Environment and Healthy Communities

Our transportation choices impact our natural resources, including the air we breathe. Changes in our transportation planning can not only protect our environment and city’s sustainability, but also improve the physical health of Angelenos by reducing the levels or pollutants … Continue reading

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Goal: Informed Choices

Outreach participants frequently mentioned the lack of information as a frustrating hurdle to fully utilizing our transportation system. Angelenos want information that will help them make efficient, reliable trips, including real-time transportation information, clear signage, and instructions. Many are discouraged … Continue reading

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Goal: World Class Infrastructure

Why infrastructure? 405 Scene, Photo by Luis Inzunza/Metro via The Source  Transportation infrastructure includes all physical and organizational structures necessary for the transportation system to operate, from sidewalks to Metro lines to traffic signal timing. The design and quality of … Continue reading

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